Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Our Honeymoon Trip - Part 1

Austin planned an awesome honeymoon! He knew how much I loved log houses and booked a cozy rustic log cabin in CO. We stayed a few nights in Sisters, OR, then ID, CO, UT, and back to OR. :)

 Black Butte Ranch. We were supposed to have a small condo but were moved a spacious house that fit 8+ people due to construction taking place.

 Sisters, OR. Cool western town. We came here the first time I visited Austin in OR and enjoyed Italian sodas while sitting out in the boardwalk area.

 Gotta love OR scenery

 Heading towards ID.

Perrine Bridge, Twin Falls, ID

 "Welcome to the Middle of Nowhere." It literally was! lol!

 Store and Restaurant hours. :)

 Heading towards UT.

And, welcome to WY.

 The scenery was breathtaking. We could see why the speed limit was 80 mph. haha!

 Little America. After seeing signs advertising it for 100 miles, underwhelmed would be the best way to describe our feelings upon approaching the area.

 And, back on the road...

Snow started and continued for most of the drive to CO.


Jaclynn S. said...

So beautiful! I enjoyed all the scenery, makes me itching to take a road trip!

Lindsey said...

Yes, road trips are fun! :)