Thursday, August 28, 2014

Packing and moving

The time has come to start packing stuff up to get ready to move. Several of the big items I'm sending down to dad and mom's since they recently moved into another house. Dad and Graham came up with the stock trailer (cleaned out! :)) to move it down there.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

3-D Thomas the Tank Engine Cake

I attempted a 3-D cake for the first time and was quite happy with the results. Not being familiar with 3-D pans, I didn't know what quite to expect while it was cooking. I looked online and found a good cake batter recipe as a regular cake mix by itself wouldn't be firm enough. The batter was quite thick and the pan started to over flow while it was cooking. I started to slightly panic and then did a quick search online and found out that overflowing is normal and actual expected (though I probably could have put a little less batter in and still been okay). It meant that the pan had completely filled so the shape of the cake would be right.

I made a triple batch of the cake recipe so I would have enough batter to make a car behind Thomas.

I used Wilton tips and colours for the decorating. The blue turned out a bit darker than the Thomas blue. There is always that fine guessing how dark it will dry. :)
Got the base of the face done and called it a night because I didn't want to be doing the most important details when I was tired. I wanted the face to look exactly like Thomas, not a pinterest fail attempt. lol.
The outline

Filling in the last of the details. I was pleased with the end result!

Adding smarties to the car
And, thankfully, the cake made the trip down the road safely for my nephew's birthday. :)


Happy 3rd Birthday, Willy!