Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 Random Things

1. My sister and I are about to be given the world’s ugliest cat… not that there is such a thing as a pretty cat. LOL!
2. I have a very nice sister…(Erin helped me out with this one. :))
3. I share my birthday with my twin sister and oldest brother.
4. I like to crochet but knitting is another story. I started a simple scarf 13 years ago and still haven’t finished it.
5. I rarely use my cell phone and have never sent a text message.
6. I do not like bananas.
7. I cannot draw to save my life. I don’t do justice to stick people.
8. I’ve owned cattle, sheep, buffalo, and horses.
9. I love deep, rich colors. My least favourite color is yellow.
10. I’d rather drive a truck than a car. I really like Toyota Tundras. :)
11. I’ve worn glasses since I was seven and then contacts since 14.
12. My dream place is a log cabin nestled back in the mountains.
13. I’ve lived in three different houses but it was always on our property here. That is going to change soon though with us buying a farm in SK.
14. Whenever I make a scrapbook I always have one page that is a total dud.
15. I operated a certified organic market garden with my brother and sister for two years. We sold at two Farmer’s Markets and delivered vegetables twice a week to a few stores in Calgary.
16. Though I live in Canada I have more friends in the States.
17. I’ve been to the RCMP riding stables in ON. My uncle, who was the head of the Musical Ride for years, showed us around.
18. The past year or so I’ve started liking asparagus, mushrooms, and bacon. I still don’t like tomatoes though!
19. We spell our last name two different ways. One a for personal and double a for business. I really like the double a but it would be a hassle and expense to get all my personal id and documents changed.
20. I hate moths.
21. I rarely dream and if I do can’t remember five minutes later what even happened.
22. Boyds Bears are adorable!
23. I agree with Naomi on #23 of her Random Thing note.
24. I get cold easy. My winter boots are good until – 40 C but my feet start getting cold in them at -20C.
25. I like coffee and chocolate but don’t care for mochas.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on #9! I love deep, rich colours!

And #21 - I rarely dream and don't remember them 5 min later if I do either!! =)

Anonymous said...

I like your list, it cheers me up. Wow, you have owned buffalo! Those big ole bulls are pretty scary. I would only be comfortable up close to them with my 30-06 handy, but that's just me. I guess you get used to them when you are around them a lot. I hope your spring is as nice as ours is here in Colorado!!