Friday, October 29, 2010

First snow!

So, I welcomed the unofficial beginning of my first Saskatchewan winter.

Winter made her abrupt appearance earlier on this week. 6" arrived in less than 24 hours followed by 60 kph wind gusts. An inch of rain had arrived a day before before the snow, the snow itself was wet and then the temperature dipped several degrees below freezing, so that created a rough, icy surface practically over the whole yard. No it didn't give the same effect as the small homemade skating pond that you and your friends grew up playing hockey on dreaming about how you were going to make it to the NHL.

Now it is time to stock up on hot chocolate, apple cider, good books and a calendar to start marking the days down until spring! :) I actually don't mind winter minus the extreme cold temperatures but then I don't know anyone who actually enjoys -40C except for story-telling purposes. You can garner much more sympathy telling a story that took place in frigid temperatures with bone chilling winds.

Anyways, I intend to enjoy winter as much as possible though it might be mostly admiring it from the inside kitchen window. There is something refreshing about seeing the yard covered with a fresh, clean blanket of snow, snow capped roofs, wildlife tracks, and watching the snow flakes gently fall and sparkle in the sun.

And with that, I wish you all a happy winter!


Anonymous said...

Awh! I love snow! I hope you do enjoy this winter very much!

Anonymous said...

Definitely wintery looking there! I thought we might get snow this weekend but the snow level rose to 5000 feet so a little too high for us. I did hear about the storm in Canada and the upper states. Our parents are driving home from Minn and drove through wind and snow in the Dakotas. On their way out there, they took the train and were only 30 miles from the Sask. border ;)
Mom said the wind was ferocious and they had warnings for small people and the elderly not to go out due to the risk of being blown over!

I enjoy winter from inside unless it's not terribly cold. Then I like to go out and ski and board and play!

Naomi said...

wow! So wintery there. We didn't get nearly that much here in Carlyle. It's really slick, though.

Keep warm and safe and enjoy that hot cider. ;-)

Under Southern Skies said...

Oh my, that is a lot of snow! We're still wearing short sleeves! (grin)