Thursday, December 9, 2010

Brief update

Hope to be back posting more regularly after my temporary absence these past few weeks. What I've been up to: shipping chickens, cleaning barns, traveling back to AB to visit my family, preparing barns, and placing chicks! Tomorrow I'll be helping my neighbour get the barns there ready in the morning and help place chicks later on.

And a random tip:

I recently came across a tip to get the diesel smell out of clothing that actually works. Pour Pinesol over the affected spot and let sit 1 to 2 hours before washing. The diesel being a heavier oil needs a product that will dissolve it out. The Pinesol is part oil (mixes with the diesel) and part soap (mixes with the water) so I guess that is why it works. My jacket has a bit of the lavender Pinesol scent but I prefer that over diesel. :)


Anonymous said...

Chickens can keep one busy; esp. if you have thousands!!
Thanks for the tip; will keep it in mind. Does this work with any scent of Pinesol or just the lav?

Lindsey said...

This was the first time to try Pinesol. I assume it would take on a bit of the scent of whatever type of Pinesol you use.

Hadassah's Corner said...

sounds like quite the cure for diesel smell. :-) Hope you're enjoying life so far. :-)

Naomi said...

Hope you're having a good day today. :hugs:

Btw, you're completely correct in your conclusion that lavendar and pinesol smell better than diesel. :)