Thursday, January 6, 2011


I thought #26 deserved her own post seeing she was my favourite cow at the dairy. :) She had a unique personality that ranged from sweet to go-jump-in-a-lake to sweet to make-my-day to sweet to snotty to sweet again. We nicknamed her Garfield which fit her aptly.

Trying to photograph animals is a skill in itself. lol. Either they are walking away or have their nose on the camera lens. As you can see from the tag, she is from Outside whose progeny is known for good milk production.

First cow in the parlour. Cows settle into their own routines even in the parlour and you'd begin to notice certain cows coming in at certain times and/or places.

This number (in kg) was lower since it was the evening milking.

I couldn't get her to stand straight so had to settle for this one.

Her trademark tuft of hair and neckband with a curved end that always stuck up in the air.

I was probably trying to get her attention here and she was playing deaf.


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