Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Truck Cleaning

It was too windy to spray for weeds today so I decided to tackle cleaning both trucks-the Ford work truck and the Honda which is my good truck. Last year with their being so much outside work, I never got around to giving the Ford a good cleaning so it was due for one.


Anonymous said...

Nice job!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good job! That truck looks similiar to one we use to have to.

Jen said...

Hey Lindsey, I found your blog through Samatha's blog list! Loooove your truck cleaning skills--I would totally hire you to come clean my pitiful car. :)

Lindsey said...

Thanks, Anne Jisca! :)

This is an '88 Ford. What year was yours, Sam?

Hi Jen!
Great to see a comment from you. :) Just saw from your blog that you are having a exciting!
LOL, I would gladly clean your car for you if I was closer. :) I somehow ended up being the designated vehicle cleaner while at home so I got quite a bit of practice. :)