Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Packing for my move to OR

October finally arrived and it was so exciting. It meant I would finally see Austin (after 3 months of being apart!) since he would be coming up with his brother to SK to help me move down to OR. No more weeks and months of being apart between visits. No more immigration forms to fill out and wait on on this side of the border. And, it meant that our wedding was next month! :)

I actually didn't mind packing and the house getting emptier and emptier made me feel like I was making lots of progress. :)


Austin and Elliot arrived later on the evening of the 9th. I had to return Stefan and Sherra's fridge and then take mom's washer back so I headed out earlier in the day and then met up at dad and mom's so we could load up the piano and stay the night.

After only about 4 hours of sleep, we had breakfast, said goodbyes, and headed up to my place to load up the rest of my stuff.

Elliot's truck and then a trailer that he was able to borrow from his boss. It ended up being the perfect size and everything packed in great.  

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