Sunday, May 29, 2016

My week in pictures - May 22 to 28

So excited to find a desk this past week on CL that will work for both my sewing and scrapbooking.

Austin attached an LED light under the top shelf which will be perfect and for sewing in the evenings or overcast days when the lighting isn't as good.

Austin's helmet didn't fit quite right so after some online research and a trip to Lowes, I was ready to start. I used a foam work mat about 1/4" thick for around the inside base. 

For the gap in front of the chin I used spandex fabric and warm and natural batting rolled up for the filler.

I attached it with velcro on both edges so he can still access the tab when he is wearing the helmet. 

I decided this year it'd be fun to try at least one new recipe a month. 
 Chicken Pot Pie in the crockpot.

I was going to use mom's recipe for biscuits but I needed a recipe that used lard so Pinterest was my friend once again.

Working on a log cabin lap quilt. It is a super easy and fun pattern. I only had to cut out the first square of each block and then sew one side to the strip. When you get to the end, you just have to cut the strip between the blocks and another part of your block is finished. It saves so much time compared to cutting each piece separately before sewing.

One finished block. I'm making 25 and then will add a border around the edge.

 Austin had an old motorcycle tire to drop off so I was able to see where he use to work and meet several of his coworkers.

 After we heading out to the farm where Austin's sister works and we picked up a flat of fresh strawberries. They were so juicy and packed with flavour! One of the many awesome things about OR is the abundance of fresh fruit.

Date night. Snack foods and a movie. :) 


Sunshine Country said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, Lindsey! :) It was nice getting to see you back in March. The chicken pot pie in the crock pot sounds delicious. I should get back to trying some new recipes occasionally myself.
Your log cabin lap quilt sounds like fun to work on, and is looking nice! I just recently pulled out some of my sewing projects, including an unfinished quilt that I'd like to get completed soon. I should post about it on my blog sometime. :)

Lindsey said...

Yes, I enjoyed getting to visit with you again! :)

Just saw the quilt on your blog. What a creative way to preserve memories!

Hannah Fellows said...

Hey Lindsey! Thanks for your recent comment on my blog! Its always nice to be able to find the blogs of people that find mine and be able to connect! I am very glad you found my blog an encouragement...that means the world to me! :)