Saturday, January 3, 2009

An interesting and eventful New Year so far...

The start of the New Year has been active to say the least. Well, it actually first started on New Year's Eve.

My parents went to check my oldest brother's trailer(in our yard) since my brother and family had headed out to South Carolina. Some time after their departure the furnace quit resulting in the pipes freezing. After a visit from Lee's Plumbing and Heating (who found the problem to be with the igniter) and several heaters placed through the trailer, we were able to get things back to working order.

The 1st Erin started working for a dairy. Mom is trying to figure out how to get the dairy smell out of her work clothes. Usually a rinse cycle would be done first before the regular wash but our new washer doesn't have a rinse cycle. So, Mom read somewhere that Scope is supposed to help remove odors and has been applying it generously to any and every object which has been in contact with the dairy. I can't decide which is worse, the overpowering scent of Scope or dairy.

Late this morning when Erin got back, her jacket went into the washer immediately. Unfortunately after the wash was part way through, Erin remembered the cell phone was still in her inside pocket. Not a good feeling...Some situations you can hope for a good outcome but everyone knows how long a cell phone lasts doused in soap and water.

This evening my brother ended up getting his truck stuck in the snow. The gravel roads aren't in the greatest condition in some places with all the snow we've had coupled with the blustery winds. *Update* I just heard that Dad got stuck on his way over to help. So, it could be a looong night.

On a more cheeful note, a missionary from Norway called this evening wanting to stop by and visit with us the middle of this month. Last time they came through was almost 10 years ago so we are looking forward to visiting with them again.


Treasuries of Joy said...

Oh boy! It sounds like you've been busy over there. :) How did Erin's phone survive?

Hope everyone got unstuck. Stay warm!

Lindsey said...

The phone died upon contact with the water. It was quick and painless. :P LOL! Dad and Mom picked up another one but I haven't seen it yet. We've had fun giving Erin a hard time about it. :D

Dad arrived home around midnight that night. Yesterday we still couldn't get to Graham's using the north road. Had to go several miles around because of all the drifting over the back roads.

Anonymous said...

Wow, talk about busy! Sorry to hear about the cell phone :(
So you can't set your washer ahead to a rinse cycle? I hope you're able to come up with a solution for the smell. Maybe vinegar?
We know about getting stuck in the snow... but thankfully it hasn't been too bad yet.

Naomi said...

You made me laugh about the quick and painless part... but I am sorry about it's demise. ;-) Truly! :-)

One time, one of us knocked our phone off the hook into a bucket of milk. It didn't die but it wasn't the same after that. LOL! The ring sounded kinda funny.