Wednesday, September 22, 2010's a deep subject...:D

The lid of the well which I had to dig out so I could fill the inside with pit run.

These lines and wires were difficult to work around.

Borrowed my neighbour's tractor so I could move the pit run closer to shovel in.

Dad came over to help. There were several important wires in this spot so he put a stryofoam barrier around them and filled in the area with sand rather than the pit run.

Making progress...

Filled in at last!

Insulating the outside.

The other well is underneath the corner of the pumphouse. It is covered with stryofoam to help keep it insulated. The wires for the barn and house water travel through here so it is very important to keep it from freezing. There is a heater down inside hooked up to a temp sensor which regulates the temperature.

Completely finished...yay!

The sensor is hooked up here and keeps the well temperature between 8*C and 9*C.

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