Thursday, November 11, 2010

From the summer...

I loved having my garden right next to the house this summer! Back in Alberta it was about a mile away and usually required opening and closing two or three gates each way if we had cattle out grazing.

Tackled the garden shed while Mom was here. We pulled everything out, washed it down, and then I sorted through the contents.

I like before and after pictures so here is the result. :)


Anonymous said...

Quite the transformation on the garden shed! Having it close to the house must be really nice! Ours is really close ot our house and I love it.

Naomi said...

I never can get over how green it gets in the summer. It's so beautiful. :)

Having a garden right by the house is a real plus. I love it when I can step out the back door and... pick fresh produce and smell the tomato plants... and the corn silk. :) I love the smells of the garden.

Eventually, I want one. :D (Doesn't that sound strange to say... I mean, the Holters have always had a garden!!)

Love the pics and the transformation of the garden shed. :)