Saturday, July 30, 2011

Barn Maintenance

Had to replace another section in the airline. It comes from the boiler shed in the background there and into the shop part of the barn.

 The faucet broke off a few days before I was going to place chicks a few cycles back. I didn't have the necessary fittings on hand to replace it at the time so I ended up just screwing an end cap in to stop the water.

Two fittings and a new faucet from the hardware store did the trick. :)

Straightening finned pipe. Not the most fun job I've ever tackled. It took me about 5 or 6 hours and by the time it was done my knees weren't thanking me. :P They are fairly flexible so I pushed them all back into place with a screwdriver. 


And the lovely fogger hose. The braided hose at 84 PSI could not compete with the 200 PSI being run though it. :P 
Very awkward to work on the line. You are on a ladder with your head squished into the corner and then you drop the screwdriver into the bucket of water below that was catching the water flowing out when you cut the hose.

I always forget that the hose slides in like a breeze at the top and at the bottom not so. After many unkind thoughts, sore nails, and scraped fingers, I got it pushed into place and the clasps tightened. I picked up this hose from JD and it is good for 300 PSI and it can handle hot oil. So, with just cold water flowing through at 200 PSI I'm hoping this problem is fixed for good.

 This was the first time for a feedline cable to snap on me.  Thankfully the Co-op in town had the right size cable I need to fix the line.

Connecting the new piece of cable.

The cable went through the the opening into the box at the end. I had to unscrew the box off first and join the cable in there as well.

This Master Craft tool set has been one of the best investments!


Anonymous said...

Whew, the work never seems to end for you!

Lindsey said...

This place keeps me on my toes for sure! :)