Sunday, September 2, 2012

Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens

Friday I toured the Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens. It was one of the most amazing places I've ever visited. The pictures don't do it justice but will at least give a glimpse of what it was like.
 First impression upon entering the courtyard.
A close up of the the front.
Huge courtyard
 The gardens around the palace.
 The walkways were trimmed to create a perfect archway.
 Foreign languages fascinate me. Someday I'll learn one. :)
 Rain had gotten on my lens so some of the pics didn't turn out as great. These were cool and almost looked hollow when you were up close.
 One of the fountains.
At the top. It was a little bit of a steep walk but worth the view.
 At the top and all Vienna beyond. :)
 The Palace

 The gardens.
One of my favourite pics.
 Looking back towards the top.
 This was taken at the top of the fountain.
 The red made the colours really pop.
 At the Palace overlooking the gardens.
So many flowers, so pretty.
 The detail and design was beautiful.

And, one more. :)
Pictures weren't allowed in the Palace. I took a self guided tour which I really enjoyed because then I could view it at my own pace. The detail and intricate work in each of the rooms and the ceilings was amazing. I could handle living in a palace. ;) The millions room was the most expensive room due to the special rosewood panelling. Unfortunately, it was being restored so had a panel covering all the walls. The great gallery was the grandest room. And, I guess I've watched too many period dramas as I could just see it as a great ball room with flowing gowns, feet gliding across the floor, musicians playing, and lively conversation. :)
Next post will be the Spanish Riding School and more of Vienna.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! And that looks like a lot of walking -- those grounds and the palace look HUGE!!

Naomi T. said...

It looks like it was amazing to see... the palace is huge and the grounds are amazing. The flowers especially surprised me. I love the graceful swirls of color.

Lindsey said...

Tammy, the grounds were massive. It is a good thing that I've had to do a lot of walking as I've been enjoying a few too many pastries and lattes. lol.

Naomi, I loved the flowers. I would have stood and just looked at them longer except it was raining. ;)