Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Birthday, Naomi!

 Today marks the birthday of a very special friend - Naomi. I'm sitting here trying to describe our friendship which is difficult as it would take about 5 blog posts just to get started. Our friendship began 15 years ago when we met at a church down in MT and our first conversation took place while walking through an old cemetery. Despite the dark sounding beginning, our friendship has blossomed through the years to where it feels she isn't just a friend but a sister as well. :)

We've been through a lot together. We've exchanged countless letters and phone calls. Despite long stretches between visits sometimes, we've always been able to take right up where we've left off the next visit. We are almost always on the same page on any discussion (exception for "Alice in Wonderland" - lol!).

Naomi is a friend that is always been there; ready to listen, give advice, pray, and encourage. I've been so blessed by her friendship and look forward to many more years of being best friends. Love you, girl!!

 At Naomi's wedding Sept 2011. I was thrilled to be her maid of honour.

Back in 2008. Fun memories!

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Naomi T. said...

Our friendship has been a defining point for me... you have always challenged and comforted me. Also, I have learned so much about God through you. :) May we have many years of friendship...