Monday, May 14, 2012

Springtime in Saskatchewan

Springtime...there is many signs of its arrival on the prairies.

The almost immediate transformation from the brown, bare landscape to trees budding out, perennials popping up, and dandelions showing their bright, sunshine yellow heads. 

 The smell of freshly mown grass.

Rototilled garden soil

 Farm equipment working up clouds of dust in the fields.

 Passing more farm equipment than regular vehicles on gravel roads.

Learning to take those red warning diamond signs on the sign of the road seriously.

 Trucks end up having two colours: top half colour remains the same but turns into half dirt/dried on mud on the lower part. If you wash it off, it will probably look like this again the next day. Wait for July.

 The beginning of yard maintenance season: mowing, whippersnipping, and hedge trimming.

This past week I got a new JD mower which is awesome. I can now cut all the grass in my yard and around my barn in about 1 1/2 hrs. Before with my small mower it used to take me about 3 1/2 hrs.

Happy Spring!  


Galloping Guitarist said...

Loving spring! The wind, rain, sunshine, and all the smells! It can't be beat! :-)

Naomi T. said...

Spring is amazing. Especially in Saskatchewan... after nine months of winter. :)